Your pension at the station in Niederwalluf.

We look forward to your visit.
The following pages will give you a first impression of what to expect as a guest.
If questions remain, please give us a call. We will inform you about the details. Number: 0049 (6123)99924100049 (6123)9992410

Enjoy browsing wishes you
the entire LOK-INN-Team.

  • Philosophy

    With eight mo­dern and com­for­ta­ble rooms, and rich bre­ak­fast buf­fet we gi­ve our guests a plea­sant stay.

  • Furnishing

    In the rooms you ha­ve in­ter­net ac­cess. All rooms get noi­se-the fresh air and pol­len fil­ter. The ent­i­re board area is smo­ke-free. Pets are pos­si­ble on re­quest.

  • Costs

    Pri­ces are per room in­cl. Of VAT and in­clu­de bre­ak­fast! If can­ce­led up to two days be­fo­re ar­ri­val are free of char­ge!

  • Recovery

    Experience the Rheingau, its landscapes, the river Rhine, the vineyards, the wooded Taunus heights. Its excellent cuisine and world-famous wines.

Bild: Frühstück


All our accommodation costs include rich content celled breakfast!

  • 9.

    Kerb Ober­walluf

    Gro­ße Tom­bo­la­ver­lo­sung mit vie­len Prei­sen! Gau­di mit den Lor­cher Schloss­berg­mu­si­kan­ten. HIGH­LIGHT: Über­da­chung des Ker­be­plat­zes bis zum Bier­schiff­chen

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  • 8.

    Wallufer Okt­ober­fest

    Das Ober­wall­ufer Ok­to­ber­fest nicht nur für fe­sche Dirndl-Trä­ge­rin­nen. Die­ses zünf­ti­ges FSV-Ok­to­ber­fest fei­ern über 300 Gäs­ten im Orts­teil Ober­wal­luf.

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  • 26.

    Wallufer Weih­nachts­markt

    Wall­ufer Weih­nachts­markts - La Lon­de-Platz am Rhein­ufer Wal­luf. Das An­ge­bot um­fasst Glas­kunst, Ke­ra­mik, weih­nacht­li­che De­ko, Ad­vents­krän­ze und Ge­ste­cke, Schmuck, Oli­ven­öl, Filz­fi­gu­ren, Kunst­post­kar­ten aus Wal­luf und dem Rhein­gau, so­wie Wa­ren aus dem Wall­ufer Welt­la­den.

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